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Business Introduction

- We provide AI robot solutions for automation.

- S/W: Deep learning-based vision solution (real-time tracking, real-time inspection, etc.),
   robot control, SLAM/navigation, Q-code navigation, conveyor control, actuator control, etc.

- H/W: industrial robot, collaborative robot, mobile robot, gripper,
   custom automation equipment, IoT Sensors etc.

- Software and hardware integration solution

Smart Factory

Automation Solution

- We provide EV waste battery disassembly and diagnosis automation solution.

- Robot AI solution for disassembling EV battery packs in in units of modules and cells

- Dischargers/diagnostics and automation solution

- Bolt, Cable, Hose, Connector, Buffer, Guide etc.

EV waste battery disassembly and diagnosis automation solution

- We provide fulfillment automation solution.

- Smart packaging solutions such as optimal box recommendation and packaging

- Smart logistics solutions such as large-scale fruit selection, packaging, and distribution

- Small-scale smart logistics solutions such as private farms and online market

Logistics and Distribution

automation solution

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