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Recruitment Information

THOTH is an artificial intelligence and robot technology

People who will join the challenge of changing the world person

THOTHER is recruiting.

"THOTH is recruiting THOTHER, who will join us in the challenge of changing the world

with artificial intelligence and robot technology."

With the best skills

​Talents who realize the value of making people more comfortable

We aim for these values

Artificial intelligence robot with dream and passion

​Talented people who challenge realization

It takes courage to challenge for work

with care and sincerity

​Honest people who fulfill their responsibilities

personal sincerity

I seek

Respect and empathy among members of the organization ​Talents who grow together through cooperation

Individuals are important, but cooperation among team

You can join theTHOTHER!

※ Job Application Notes

- Recruitment plans are subject to change due to company circumstances, and any changes will be announced on the homepage.

-  Please carefully read the recruitment details for each item and pay attention to what you write, and if you have any questions, please use the e-mail of the person in charge of recruitment or Q&A on the recruitment site.

- Recruitment inquiries will be answered by the person in charge as soon as possible. 

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