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CEO Greeting

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

making people work more comfortably, safely, and more efficiently with AI and Robot technologies !

THOTH's value and goal is to make people more comfortable, safer, and more efficient with AI and Robot technologies.

This means using automation technology to improve a company's various processes.

However, there are concerns that this automation could take away people's jobs.

THOTH is wary of these concerns, making it a priority to automate tasks that make humans laborious, dangerous, and inefficient.

THOTH is open to all processes that can be automated, and the criterion for determining whether automation is possible is not simple/complex or easy/difficult, but how much automation can make people's work easier, safer, and more efficient.

We make it our top priority.

Therefore, if automation is possible, we want to automate any process.


If you have some questions or comments related to automation, please feel free to contact us.

THOTH is always ready.


​CEO Lee, Sang Hyoung

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